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AI and Learning: A Strategic and Promising Synergy

"What the steam engine did for mechanizing labor, AI will do for intellectual work."


The future of work is underpinned by the AI technological revolution according to the CIPD, and it’s time for L&D teams to get in front of the advancement to mitigate their workforce falling behind.

Benefits for L&D and AI working together include:

  1. Better learner experience,
  2. Increased quality of training,
  3. Accelerated speed of skills development.


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

According to the European Parliament, artificial intelligence refers to any tool used by a machine to "reproduce human-like behaviors, such as reasoning, planning, and creativity."

Generative AI’s is a pillar of AI, and its primary outcome is focused on generating content, whether that be copy, images, audio etc. For L&D teams, this type of AI automatically creates learning resources useful for learners. It accelerates content production without compromising quality, making training more effective.

TOP TIP: Make sure to learn the appropriate prompts to ask AI to get a more accurate result, the more detailed the better! Use AI to help you learn how to speak the AI language better.


What is the impact of artificial intelligence on learning?

AI will help learning and development teams, and trainers with the dull and difficult tasks, enabling them to focus on creative, empathic, problem-solving work to contribute to improving their learning projects and experiences. Static and sometimes cumbersome learning methods are being replaced by dynamic and interactive approaches thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence into vocational training. 


Artificial intelligence enables a streamlined process in various activities for training, including:

  • Creation of learning content (documents, images, videos) and assessments.
  • Curation of web content (articles, videos, books) to enrich the resources available to learners.
  • Classification of training and skills through automatic tagging.

AI powered learning saves time and provides assurance of optimized support and personalized content that meets the needs of learners. AI gives training and learning professionals time back to focus on high value work and their ultimate mission. However, it’s important to remember there is a necessary human element that still needs to take place in regards to reviewing, editing and optimizing the output AI generates.


What are the challenges to overcome in generative AI?


Generative AI raises both hope and doubt. How far will this technology go? It is still difficult to answer this question... Some fear an exaggerated takeover of artificial intelligence over human activities. In the professional field, the risk is the misuse of generative AI, including:


  • failure to improve individual performance and resolve business issues;
  • high cost with the acquisition of technological tools, without obtaining clear ROI.


To take advantage of all the possibilities offered by generative artificial intelligence, the establishment of AI governance is essential.


Top tip: minimize risks by establishing a AI governance methodology, a development framework and set ethical rules. AI should not dominate humans but serve them in order to maximize their potential.


How can L&D teams embed AI into their learning programs?

Learn about Rise Up’s AI powered bot, and how they are helping learners with these tasks and more. Meet LIA here!

As Gartner states; "AI is the biggest game-changer in the last 20 years, and organizations should be going through a massive transformation." The future belongs to organizations that seize the opportunities offered by AI to reinvent their training methods and approaches. The potential benefits are countless from better employee performance, increased productivity, improved training quality, and significant cost savings.

It is essential to approach the integration of AI into your learning program with a strategic perspective, analyzing the concrete needs and challenges of your organization.

Unsure and at a lost of where to start? Speak to one of our LearningOps™ coaches today and let Rise Up’s experts assess and advise.


Supercharge your training content creation with built-in generative AI in Rise Up LMS

The future of work is underpinned by the AI technological revolution according to the CIPD, and it’s time for L&D teams to get in front of the advancement to mitigate their workforce falling behind.



Rise Up a leader in learning innovation has made the integration of generative AI into its LXP/LMS a priority.

Rise Up’s LIA connects to ChatGPT, OpenAI's chatbot capable of understanding natural human language and generating quality text in the various languages your teams need.


LIA’s services for trainers and Learning & Development managers includes:


  • to obtain the description and content of a training course based on a given subject;
  • to translate training into 22 languages;
  • produce quizzes automatically;
  • to generate correct and incorrect answers;
  • to create visuals;
  • to insert tags in a training in order to link it to a series of skills. The generative text AI also offers to create new skills based on the training title and description.


Got content already? Optimize your existing content with AI via Rise Up’s Smart Import!


H5P enables L&D teams to provide impactful content from simple resources, even if they are low value. By bringing together several content creation tools via artificial intelligence, this application is extremely easy to learn and use. With Smart Import, you simply upload assets, like text, podcasts, and videos, and let the generative AI process that raw data. You can then choose the most relevant format types to exploit the generated content (interactive videos, flashcards, quizzes, etc.). To help you create engaging e-learning modules and a maximized learning experience.


The H5P application is complementary to Generative LIA.


Learn more about our AI solution here.


Learn more about our New Generative AI bot "Lia" here.


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