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Rise Up releases new Generative AI bot “LIA” to accelerate learners' time-to-skill

New generative AI bot and HP5 collaboration will allow customers to quickly generate and assess static and interactive content .

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July 2023 - Rise Up, the LPI and Fosway recognized blended learning platform, has released new cutting-edge functionality to its LMS/LXP, including a native generative AI bot LIA, to expand their authoring tool by enabling users to create learning content three times faster and a lot more interactive/engaging.


AI integration in content design has been shown to increase output by up to 37%, according to a study by MIT. Rise Up, a  Fosway Core Challenger for Learning Systems, has integrated generative AI into all areas of their LMS/LXP, meaning that users can author static and interactive content, design a range of assessments or enhance existing assessments, and translate learning content and assessments into 22 languages in seconds. Rise Up’s dedication to the learner experience, enables users to leverage AI algorithms to customize the user interface and suggest new courses that are suitable for the individual learner. Supporting the findings from Towards Data Science’s latest study, that personalized AI-driven learning experiences can improve knowledge retention by up to 30%.


Guillaume Blachon, CTPO and Co-Founder of Rise Up said: “Rise Up’s success stems from our proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovation to meet our customers' business requirements. By incorporating Generative AI into our LMS, we assist our clients in speeding up content creation, consequently accelerating their learners time-to-skill, something we have always, and will always focus on.”

To find out more about Rise Up’s AI solution, please visit their website


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About Rise Up  

Established in 2014, Rise Up is driving employee training and empowerment for brands across Europe, pursuing its regional expansion, with a recent €30 million in Series B financing. Today, its learning technology platform, combining LMS, LXP, and Authoring Tool across omnichannel and multimodal services, serves 1 million active learners in 73 countries and over 510 customers, including the NHS, AXA, Schneider Electric, Domino’s, Decathlon, and Sika.   


Across all approaches, e-learning, face-to-face, and mobile, Rise Up empowers everyone to Own Today and helps organizations stay up-to-skill in real-time. Fuelled by tech and AI, designed for people, and driven by performance, its LearningOps™ framework drives organizational transformation and enables learning to work at business speed. Its learning software solution delivers a personalized learning experience for all stakeholders: trainers, administrators, and learners. For more information, please visit  www.riseup.ai/en