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How to launch e-learning in your organisation ?

Choosing an e-learning support is good, but anticipating is better. It is essential to explain this choice to employees and train them in this new tool to accelerate its adoption.

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Acceptance of an e-learning support is not innate


When a company decides to train its employees on digital technology, the trainers and the training department are trained on the new tool(s) that will be deployed. Employees are informed that from now on, they will all have to follow training courses on platform X and... that's about it.

But that's about it. When employees are not used to using an e-learning support, it can quickly become a waste of time for them, since they must - in addition to the pedagogical duration of their training - understand how the platform works. 

This is why it is important to take the time to train them beforehand in order to make the training more effective.


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Anticipate the arrival of e-learning support in your organisation


The best way to do this is to organize a mini-session rather than giving tutorials on a PowerPoint for example. 

During this session, you will be able to : 

  • Explain to them your decision to choose an LMS platform (or other such platform), and explain the advantages they will find, such as being more autonomous, being able to follow the modules at home, etc. You will probably have to deal with some recalcitrant collaborators, for whom digital is a bit of a bête noire that you have to run away from. Don't get too excited and understand them, changes of this type are sometimes a little complicated to integrate, you will have to give time to time. 
  • Give them a demonstration of the learning management system and explain the different roles: review all the functionalities (follow a training course, take an assessment, discuss on the forum, ask a question...) and make sure that no question is left unanswered.
  • Give each of them their username and password to connect to the LMS platform, which you can also send back by email later. 


The idea, as you will have understood, is to accompany your employees in the implementation of new training methods, to avoid that they find themselves caught short. 

For those who would already be perfectly at ease with e-learning training, we advise you to simply present the tool to them briefly as well as the objectives of this change. This can be a presentation sent by e-mail or posted on a possible internal website. 

And finally: even if LMS platforms may seem very intuitive to some people, remember that not everyone is, there are no silly questions :)


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