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Cultivating a Learning Culture: Insights from ex Google Head of Talent Development

Rise Up is an accredited LPI Technology Vendor, meaning we were invited to the digital forum, and it was a privilege to gain insights from Daniela Landherr during her interview with Andy Lopata, Psychology Today's journalist.


Daniela, the former head of talent development at Google, who now works as a coach, shared a wealth of wisdom on creating a learning culture and the importance of embracing the era of AI.

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Embrace Learning as a Priority

Daniela emphasized the need to transition from being the "right person in the room" to striving to become the "biggest learner in the room." Learning, she emphasized, is vital for us as human beings, especially in this age of rapid technological advancements.

Walking in Stupid and Curious

One of her key takeaways was the idea of "walking in stupid" to meetings. Instead of rushing to share the answer, she encouraged us to "walk in curious" and listen attentively. This shift from merely waiting for others to pause in the conversation to genuinely paying attention can foster a more inclusive and insightful exchange of ideas.


The Power of Peer Learning

Drawing from her experience at Google, Daniela highlighted the "G2G network," where employees could teach each other a wide range of skills, from leadership to yoga and negotiation. This approach, involving 6,000 G2G facilitators out of 120,000 employees, created a culture of shared knowledge, wisdom, and continuous learning that surpassed traditional training methods.


Psychological Safety Matters

Daniela emphasized the importance of psychological safety in the workplace. Without feeling safe to fail, employees are less likely to take risks and innovate. Leaders, she stressed, should lead from vulnerability and demonstrate their willingness to learn and grow.


Diversity and Curiosity

Daniela underscored the significance of diversity of thought in learning. She encouraged reaching out to individuals outside our comfort zones to gain different perspectives. Andy recommended the book "Rebel Ideas" by Matthew Syed as a valuable resource on this subject.


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The Human Touch in the Age of AI

While acknowledging the power of AI, Daniela emphasized that humans remain the cornerstone of trust and learning. Listening and curiosity, she suggested, are our superpowers in a world where technology continues to evolve.

Courage and Adaptability


In closing, Daniela stressed the need for courage, especially when dealing with the unknown. She reminded us that culture is fluid and continually evolves as people come and go, and it's our adaptability that defines our success.

In a world where technology and AI are transforming the workplace, Daniela Landherr's insights offer a roadmap for individuals and organizations to foster a culture of continuous learning, resilience, and growth. It's clear that the path forward involves not only embracing the opportunities presented by AI but also celebrating the enduring strengths of human curiosity and empathy.


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