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LearningOpsTM Methodology

Become Business-ready

Rise Up LearningOps experts are here to understand the business, the operating models, the teams and the need to evolve.
Through its workshops, trainings, QBRs, CSMs follow up, Rise Up  can guide and advise on a more modern, engaging, efficient, and impactful approach for L&D the business.

5 Steps to Success with Rise Up
Driven by LearningOps


Identify the Business Goals

  • Synch & Connect:

    Identifying the need to train in order to deliver business impact, depending your challenge: compliance training, digitization of learning or shift to blended model, development of a department's performance, etc.


Explore the Challenges

  • Design Thinking approach

    Through a design thinking approach, Rise Up:
    - Understand your L&D challenges
    - Explore options beyond the learn stack
    - Materialize your challenge with an action plan: people, technology/material and expected outcomes.


Build the Solution

  • Time to Create

    Drastically reduce content creation and integration time

  • Time to Scale

    Scale a positive learning culture with smart tools

  • Time to Deliver

    Deliver learning programs at business speed


Deliver Personalized Experiences

  • Time to Learn

    Blend contents and experiences into interactive learning journeys

  • Time to Impact

    Amplify your learning and talent team’s impact


Measure Impact: Evaluate Time to SkillTM

  • Evaluate, Assess, Analyse and Act

    Impacts cover more than just a tick-box or criteria for completions/pass rates.
    Rise Up can easily showcase activity, engagement, but can also link with external business metrics to align/measure success from learning to operational results.

An L&D Ecosystem to support
LearningOpsTM transformation

An adapted response at speed and at scale

By forging strategic partnerships with Learning and HR key players, Rise Up has built a pool of resources and expertise capable of supporting its customers on all the stages of their LearningOps project.

With more than 30 partners, consulting companies, HR solution integrators, Digital Learning agencies and HR/EDTECH solutions, Rise Up offer an adapted response at speed and at the point of need.