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Rise Up Launches Professional Training Solution Personalized with AI, 100% Integrated in Microsoft Teams


15th June 2023 - Rise Up, the fast-growing employee learning software solution, is delivering a new Microsoft Teams app to help upskill employees with a personalized solution using artificial intelligence. Making training part of employees' routines gives each learner direct access to their training, at any time, from any device, without leaving their daily work environment.


“The challenge today for training and development is to adapt training to the context and the needs of the employee, and not the other way around. With this full integration into Microsoft Teams, we are putting training at the center of employees' daily lives, at the heart of their workflow, without sacrificing the training experience. Learners can, in the same way as on the Web, train, assess themselves, access their certificates at an adapted and personalized pace, assisted by LIA, our virtual training coach,” explains Arnaud Blachon, CEO, Rise Up.


“Companies using Microsoft Teams are moving through an interesting maturity cycle: Moving from communication to collaboration and then to integrating business processes to simplify the way of working and to meet the demands of hybrid work. Training is one of the processes that companies want to integrate into Microsoft Teams,” adds Florent Pelissier, Director of Start-Up & ISV Partnerships, Microsoft.


For example, as part of its digital transformation, AKKA Technologies, an engineering and technology consulting group, worked with Rise Up to create their very first Learning Management System (LMS), the Akkademy, with the aim of improving the skills of its 21,000 employees thanks to mixed training programs, combining several approaches and types of content: face-to-face sessions, e-learning modules, quizzes, online seminars, etc.


“The integration of Rise Up within Microsoft Teams has allowed our collaborators in the beta test program to save time, improve ease of use, and enjoy a more collaborative training experience (via integrated video calls, calendar notifications and the chatbox). This new training experience has revitalized employee learning, and even more broadly, the desire to learn,” says Nathalie Macq, Learning Program Manager at AKKA Technologies.


As Microsoft Teams is one of the most used collaborative solutions in companies, with a constantly growing adoption rate of millions of daily active users, Rise Up's development prospects are broad and extend to all organizations in the Microsoft ecosystem in France and internationally.


To find out more information about the new Rise Up application within Microsoft Teams, click here.




About Rise Up


Founded in 2014, Rise Up is the blended learning platform revolutionizing the learning experience for all stakeholders: trainers, administrators, and learners. Across all approaches, e-learning, face-to-face, and mobile, and in compliance with the regulatory framework, Rise Up is a one-stop-shop solution: LMS, LXP, LRS, LCMS, mobile and multimodal services. Growing quickly, Rise Up counts over 100 employees today in six key countries across Europe, and serves over 400 customers and 1 million active learners in 60 countries. For more information, please visit www.riseup.ai.