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What is Rise Up Content?

Rise Up Content is our off-the-shelf content offering. In partnership with a wide range of content publishers, our curated training courses cover a dozen generic themes, essential to any organisation.

With Rise Up Content:

- Take advantage of the highest quality training courses on the market

- Facilitate and accelerate the deployment of your training courses

- Help your employees acquire the skills they need

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Courses for both soft and hard skills

Activate the Rise Up Content catalogues of your choice and train your learners quickly and efficiently.

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How does
Rise Up Content work?

Guidance on content strategy

We analyse your requirements and advise you on a potential selection of training content, according to your educational objectives and criteria. The Rise Up Content training catalogue also allows you to search and select courses based on keywords or skills.

A comprehensive catalogue

Thousands of reference pieces of training content are available, covering all your soft and hard skill development requirements. This content is available in more than five languages.

Plug-and-play offer

Rise Up has built a curated network of content providers. Content can be activated with a few clicks and integrated directly into your Rise Up platform.

Referenced partners

Some of our content partners include XOS, OpenClassrooms, Mandarine Academy, GlobalExam, ENI, SafeTeam Academy, Lyadis, daesign, GoodHabitz, Pôle Prévention, Le Droit pour Moi, Sponge, Edflex, Reality Academy,…

Memorable content 

We cover a variety of interactive formats: videos, quizzes, motion design, serious games, etc. We provide certified content (e.g.: ISO 27001) as well as content designed for mandatory training (e.g.: Anti-corruption provisions of the Sapin II law).

In summary, Rise Up Content allows you to...

- Access content directly from your platform!

- Manage and distribute content in the same way you would if you had created it

- Choose the format that suits your employees' preferences


Try Rise Up Content for free

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Rise Up Content

High-quality training courses, ready to use!

In partnership with our curated content publishers, our catalogue provides:

- More than 1,000 training courses

- Across 10 content categories 

- Featuring innovative teaching methods

- Offering various formats


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