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6 learning methods offered by LXPs

learning experience platform (LXP) is a game-changer for any company looking to increase employee engagement with training courses. What’s so great about LXPs? Well, for starters, they give you access to a range of high-quality teaching methods that are proven to boost participation and foster new skills.


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In this article we’re going to walk you through 6 effective training techniques that will be at your fingertips when you invest in an LXP:


  • Social learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Adaptive learning
  • Interactive learning
  • Gamification
  • Blended learning


Each of these methods can offer a great user experience. However, when combined, they deliver an elite training package that will adapt to the individual needs of each employee.


Social learning: when employees learn within a community


When you think about training conducted via an online platform, it might conjure an image of a person sitting alone, in front of a computer screen, passively watching e-learning modules. With an LXP, this couldn’t be further from the truth!


The Rise Up platform is designed to incorporate all of the advantages of social learning. It promotes interactivity and teamwork, both of which are key to ensuring engagement with learning materials.

The platform interface provides a space with the feel of a social network. Trainees can share external resources (videos, podcasts, articles…etc) and comment on the posts of others. In this way, everyone can offer their thoughts in a public forum and thus add value to the training. Smaller break-off groups can also be formed, based on categories like department or learning objectives.


Social interactions aren’t just limited to employees. Message forums and chat features also facilitate discussions between learners and trainers. These channels provide learners with a quick and efficient way to ask questions or celebrate their progress as they make their way through the various training modules.

Within this community space, the trainer can adopt the role of moderator, which allows them to promote the most relevant information being shared and ensure that discussions are staying on track.


Mobile learning: training available everywhere


With Rise Up’s mobile learning options, learners can access their training materials at any time, no matter where they are. The training materials can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones. As a result, employees can enjoy a flexible approach to learning—a style that is in high demand since the pandemic forced many to change their working habits. 


A lot of people already see their smartphones and tablets as necessities, so the fact that they can use them for training is a real bonus. The LXP employs responsive design, which means any content being viewed will automatically adjust to fit the screen on which it is being displayed. It’s easy to navigate and fun to use!


Mobile learning provides employees with the freedom they crave. With training resources available at any time or place, learners can work on their skills when it suits them. This is far better than being tied to a strict schedule that is out of their control. In addition, businesses don’t have to waste time and money scheduling training sessions or trying to ensure that everyone has access to a computer.  

The ease of being able to work on training material from home, work, or a public space also increases productivity. No internet? No problem! The Rise Up app gives learners the option to  access their e-learning modules offline. It's an ideal choice for today's training needs.


Adaptive learning: the LXP evolves with the learner


LXPs use machine learning to offer a truly personalised training experience. The more a learner interacts with the platform, the more information is gathered about their personal requirements. Using this data, the technology is able to present employees with a unique interface that caters to their specific needs. In this way, the training experience offered by the LXP evolves with the learner. This process is known as adaptive learning.


Throughout the training programme, employees will be directed towards content and resources that match their experience level, learning goals and format preferences. This ensures an optimal learning experience that encourages engagement with and dedication to the courses.


Adaptive learning and mobile learning: a winning combination


Thanks to the combination of adaptive and mobile learning, training is becoming highly optimised.
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Learning methods on an LXP


Interactive learning: recreating a classroom environment for optimum engagement


A major criticism of e-learning platforms is that they cannot facilitate the level of interaction that is considered vital to a productive learning experience. LXPs solve this issue by adopting interactive learning as a key technique. On Rise Up, interactive learning is achieved through numerous features that encourage exchanges between learners, as well as between learners and the trainer.


For example, with Rise Up you can conduct virtual classes. Of course, participants will be watching the lesson via a screen, but there are plenty of opportunities to interact and ask questions while the lesson is taking place. Learners can make use of the whiteboard feature to collaborate and share their thoughts in real time. There are also virtual meeting room spaces, which allow employees to break off into smaller groups to complete teamwork, before returning to the larger virtual class.


The trainer may also increase learner participation during lessons by sharing fun content like interactive surveys and quizzes. This mix of interactive and social learning makes acquiring new skills fun and is an effective way to boost learner engagement levels.


Gamification: for a more engrossing learning experience


We’ve covered a few ways to approach training material that can make all the difference, but what about the material itself? A great way to reinforce the effectiveness of digital training is via gamification. Rise Up’s LXP platform boasts a number of gamification tools that make learning new skills enjoyable and fun. 


For starters, the trainer can implement a rewards system to encourage dedication to the training course. This involves points and badges being awarded when learners achieve certain goals or reach particular milestones. These small prizes can really motivate employees to perform to the best of their ability. 


Gamification may also take the form of computer simulation exercises. For example, learners working towards a new customer service skill may play a game where they are presented with a mock situation in which they must deal with a dissatisfied client. 

You can also up the ante by playing games where different teams of learners are pitted against each other. Tapping into employees’ competitive spirits can prove to be a great commitment booster!


Blended learning: reaping the benefits of both face-to-face and online training


With an LXP, you don’t have to limit yourself to virtual or in-person training—you get to enjoy the best of both worlds! 

Rise Up specialises in blended learning: a hybrid approach to training that combines face-to-face, online and social learning methods. This formula has been perfected to ensure that employees enjoy the advantages (many of which we’ve discussed above) that each approach brings to the table.


On the one hand, blended learning provides the flexibility of online training and the innovative learning techniques that come along with it. In addition, however, you can also integrate the many benefits of face-to-face training—namely, real-time interactions, social learning and group work. 

By making blended learning an integral part of its training system, Rise Up’s LXP offers a rich learning experience that will allow all of your employees to reach their full potential.



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