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Training provider click2 learn selects Rise Up


Click2 learn sought out Rise Up with the goal of delivering a smooth and effortless learning experience for both their customers and trainers.

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About click2 learn & their challenges

Click2 learn, a company offering training and education services, was facing challenges with their LMS provider as it lacked the flexibility to support the growth of their learner base. The company encountered financial difficulties when trying to add more users, and the absence of adequate customer service support meant they were unable to optimize their training programs and fully benefit from their agreement.

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Benefit from:

  • Blended learning platform supporting offline and online training
  • Data Lab tool for custom reports 
  • Smart groups and sub-portals to automate client task management
  • Integrations with your tech stack and content to streamline onboarding
  • Easy ability to create and tailor training programs on the fly
  • Flexible token credits model to pay for what you need when you need it

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