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decathlon academy et rise up

Building a training strategy around skills


Business Case: Decathlon x Rise Up


Decathlon is a major retailer of sports and recreational equipment. The company has always placed great importance on staff skills development. This is why in 2018 it created the Decathlon Academy, a digital campus with skills building at its core.

The challenge: how could Rise Up help Decathlon build a continuous learning culture centred on skills and create personalised learning to develop individual ambitions and goals?


About the programme

Challenge: Decathlon needed a digital campus to align its training efforts with skills development and build a learning culture based on skills.

Objectives: Build a continuous learning culture centred on skills, encourage a collaborative and community mindset, develop personalised learning, implement a training model that can scale and be effective locally and globally.

Sector: Large-scale retail

comment créer une plateforme unique de formation ?

A skills-based training strategy

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