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decathlon academy et rise up

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Business Case: Decathlon


Decathlon is a major retailer of sports and recreational kit.

It has always taken great pride in the importance it attaches to the skills of its team members.

This is why in 2018 it created the Decathlon Academy, an authentic digital campus where skills building is the name of the game.

The challenge: how could Rise Up help Decathlon create a unique training platform for each staff member to use to develop the skills they need to do their job, but also - and most importantly - the skills they want to develop?


On the programme

Challenge: with the help of Rise Up, how could Decathlon create its own digital campus designed to meet a range of objectives, including skills building, collaboration and individual skills development plans, etc.?

Objective: help Decathlon team members excel by giving them the tools they need to build their skills. 

Sector: large-scale retail.

comment créer une plateforme unique de formation ?

Why not create your own unique platform? 

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